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Tabletop RPGs Done Terribly

One half variety show, one half roleplaying campaign, Daft Monks is a modern pop culture podcast produced by Nat1 Presents for gamers and sadists alike. Join us every Friday for funny anecdotes, useless trivia, and the latest installment of our real play Dungeons and Dragons adventure. Season two features everyone’s favorite deviants, the notorious Abraham Van Helsing and Trevor Belmont.

Originally rivals who competed in hunting the primordial vampire Dracula, the two men quickly fostered a unique friendship of enablement that rapidly deteriorated into amoral shenanigans. Believed to have “defeated” Dracula, vaporized Nosferatu, and broken a succubus’ heart, the two adventurers retired from the monster hunter business and settled down in a secluded town for retirement...

Don't know D&D? Don't worry! Daft Monks makes RPG games and discussions accessible to audiences who are not familiar with the rules of Dungeons and Dragons or the nuances of the existing community. Hosted by both a blue-collar conservative and a white-collar, LGBT liberal, our show jokes about and celebrates our differences as we come together to entertain and share our favorite pastime. In an age where communities are growing increasingly more divisive over bipartisan values, this is the kind of self-deprecating commentary we need in the world.

Through improv, roleplay, and tabletop gaming elements, the Nat1 Presents explores pop culture and gaming topics in a memorable and light-hearted way by two friends who love what they do. Sometimes referred to as Nat One Presents, the show is produced by Nate Casimiro and Nate Stalcup.

About the Hosts

Nate StalcupProfile Photo

Nate Stalcup


I know what you’re thinking… “Wow, that’s a nice head of hair!” Well, you are correct, and thank you.

More than a collection of thousands of pristinely styled protein follicles, Nate makes up exactly one half of the Nat1 Presents team. No more, no less. Perfectly in balance….

Just kidding. Known for his sharp wit and penchant for roleplay, Nate keeps the laughs coming by committing to his characters and taking them to the absolute extreme. Catch him on literally every episode of Nat1 because there’s only two members.

Nate CasimiroProfile Photo

Nate Casimiro

Co-host, Producer

Some Nate’s are born lucky… Nate’s just lucky to be alive… Yeah, way too dark. Let’s try again.

Nate makes up the second, more decisive half of Nat1 Presents. While Nate Stalcup is capable of rolling out of bed and entertaining a crowd, Nate Casimiro prides himself in relentless hard work and peer pressure.

When he’s isn’t trying not to fall out of his chair laughing from Nate’s rant-like antics, you’ll find him behind the scenes building websites, editing clips, and just all around begging people to watch his podcast. If you feel even remotely bad for this person, then good, he did his job.